Paranormal Researchers Ireland (PRI) Loftus Hall 31/03/2018 by Chris Rush

PRI Loftus Hall blog - 31/3/18
On Saturday night last, PRI were honoured to step foot inside Loftus Hall once again for a night of paranormal investigating, during which this building never seems to disappoint.
Representing PRI on the night was Tina, Billy, Chris, Liam, Dominic and Bryan. Helping the team during the lockdown was Jake, who I want to give a special shout out to, he is really beginning to come into his own and we all consider him a part of the team already, Bridget, Tara and Sinead who I must say all did a fantastic job.
Locations for the night were: The Card Room (Chris and Bridget), The Tapestry Room (Billy and Jake), The Church (Dominic and Liam), The Devils Bedroom (Bryan and Sinead) and The Third Floor (Tina and Tara)
The Card Room: Subtle reactions on the equipment were observed on the equipment as Chris got five individuals to join him at the Card table. Dealing out the cards seemed to spawn reactions on the EDI meter, then Chris began with the questions. Each time he mentioned the word “Devil” the EMF spiked on the EDI meter, and at one stage Chris asked “Are you the devil?” The group gasping to spot the blue lights flashing in response. Moving through the night people ventured in the Drawing Room alone and the feedback was almost the same each time, that there was something negative in there and wanted people out! Causing them to quickly do so at times. Other points to note was that a lady had her arm grabbed and during a session with the group in the Drawing Room people’s arms were raised towards the ceiling by a force in the darkness, to the point where they were almost falling over. A member of the group then highlighted that he could see a dark figure circling Chris and during the next session people saw dark shadows move about the room. 
The Tapestry Room: As the first group walked into the tapestry room Billy could hear whispers of “this is the room" so the public were already apprehensive and excited about the night ahead. After a grounding Billy quickly started the session, he began to call out into the darkness, then Jake and the public asked a few questions, everything was quiet until about 10 minutes before the end of the session when the K2 started to light up. A volunteer was asked to sit at the back of the room to take part in some automatic hand writing. The K2 started again and people were feeling uneasy and just as things started to escalate the end of the session was called, but before the group left the Tapestry room the volunteer that took part in the automatic handwriting was asked to show if anything happened during the session. They said there hand felt it's self-moving and sure enough there were marks on the paper but nothing legible although it looked like sentences from left to right but in the form of squiggles. Each session started with a grounding as the room seemed to become a lot more oppressive. Billy and Jake gathered a group around the bed and the K2 began spiking to specific questions. The room seemed to get darker and took on a very ominous feeling which from then lasted the whole night. Further automatic handwriting was completed, checked and found to be similar to the session previous. At one stage the room became so uncomfortable that an individual had to leave. The activity escalated further through the night with people being touched, their hands were being moved above their heads and even felt sick.
The Church: This location brought a lot of K2 activity and some knocks during the night. A few people claimed to see a shadow near the piano, this was followed by a dragging noise being heard on the floor. Moving on with the nights investigation members of the public felt like they were touched and saw a shadow moving about the room numerous times which was accompanied by K2 activity and knocking sounds.
The Devil’s Bedroom: During the night a lot of footsteps heard on the landing. Inside the devils bedroom people were claiming they could feel someone tickling their knees/ back of their legs. It was learned them from Mary, a knowledgeable tour guide that a boy had drowned and is known for doing that and holding on to people’s legs as he’s looking for his Mum. Progressing with the investigation the room went extremely black, no one within able to make anything out. Another interesting occurred when keys where heard outside the room, when Bryan went out into the hall he got a very strong smell of pipe smoke, who we learned was used quite regularly by a previous resident.
The Third Floor: The initial session saw little activity however during the second, names began coming through on psb box, Michael being a common one through the night. Although being great all night, the third session is when the glass and pendulum started to become really active, carried out by Tara. Glass picked up a lot of family members and as always will remain confidential. A little girl came through all night and some people even sensed that Kitty came through.
On behalf of PRI I want to thank Aidan and everyone in Loftus Hall for having us back in this amazing building it was an absolute pleasure, also I want to thank everyone who joined us in Loftus Hall, you were all a great bunch of respectful people who got involved with the investigation.

Thanks for reading, Chris, PRI.